Technical Skill


Microsoft .NET platform, embedded, AJAX, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, COM/COM+, Web Services, MSMQ, MTS Development: Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP/VBScript, Scripting(VBA, Dos, JavaScripts) , C/C++, PHP, SQL(RDBMS), Caché (MDBMS), PL/SQL.


MSSQL, mysql, Oracle, Caché, Ms Access.

Operating System

UNIX: Red hat, Centos, Fedora, Suse, mint, ubuntu..
Microsoft Windows: Win7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003,2008, NT 4.0 (Server and Workstation), 95/98, 3.x, and MS-DOS


Crystal Report, ISA, IIS, CMS, Joomla!, SEO, Google Analytic, MS Office, MS Project, Visio, Nagios, Hiperwall, Asterisk IPPBX, Trixbox, SER, Vicidial CallCenter, CRM, ERP, POS, SMS, VoipSwicth, Photoshop, Virtualbox, Virtual PC, Remote Application, IP Cop, VPN, VNC, PcAnywhere, MSMQ, telnet, sftp, network infrastructures and security, MyKad Application.


GSM Modem, ADSL, Alcon Wireless, Smart Bridges Wireless, Quintum , Cisco Router, ATA, Dialer, PSTN Gateway, IP Phone, CCTV, Digium card (pri/tdm), symway card, Smart Card Reader.


Project management and documentation using Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) 3.0

Contact : borhance [at] yahoo [dot] com or yason  [at] yasin [dot] my